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  • We don’t vary where we eat too often. To keep it simple, when we do eat out, we rotate between four places that we know will take care to keep our food gfcf.

  • If you can call ahead to the restaurant, try to do so.

  • First ask to speak to a manager.

  • Don’t even think about ordering mashed potatoes out.

  • Frozen french fries usually have a wheat flour coating to keep them from sticking.

Questions to ask:

  • If you’re at a nice restaurant, ask the manager if you can speak to the chef, or if they will tell the chef the importance of not cross-contaminating on your behalf.

  • Ask the manager, “Are you able to accommodate a gluten free/dairy diet?”
    (If the response you get from a manager is, “What is that? Or What is Gluten?” JUST LEAVE.)

  • Are the vegetables prepared with butter or oil?

  • Is there butter in the rice?

  • Are the French fries in a designated fryer? (In and Out and Jody Maroni’s have designated fryers.)

  • Do the French fries come in frozen, or are they fresh cut? (Frozen french fries usually have a wheat flour coating to keep them from sticking.)

  • At nice restaurants, you can ask the chef/cook if the french fries are gluten free.

  • At a mexican restaurant, ask if the corn chips are in a designated fryer. (Sharky’s)

Restaurants we recommend:


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There are 4 times more boys diagnosed with Autism than girls.

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